The salient features of MKCL ERA are as follows:

Integrated System
It is an integrated learning management system that coordinates the work of all the stakeholders in school and college education.
Design Learning Experience
It is a system that helps the teachers to design learning experience which is essential for undergoing joyful learning by the students.
Academic Innovations
Era offers the teachers an opportunity to come up with academic innovations with the automation of non-academic tasks in the learning management like the records and reports of attendance, recording the subject-wise and student-wise formative evaluation, creating reports as per the government stipulations etc.
Human-Touch Approach
The learning management system ERA is a high-tech system created using the advanced technology, enriched by the ‘high-touch’ or the ‘human-touch’ approach.
Teach, Create & Distribute
With ‘ERA’ the teachers can create, distribute and teach the learning content as per the curriculum and design comprehensive and continuous evaluation based on that. The findings of it help the teachers understand learning gaps if any, and accordingly structure and arrange the necessary remedial teaching. Also, co-curricular experiences can be designed through innovative projects, open ended questions or activities.
Seamless Connectivity
ERA enables seamless connect with online meeting / conferencing softwares if being used by teachers (ex. Google meet / Microsoft Teams/ Zoom / WebEx etc) for conducting live sessions.
Detailed Reports
Physical evidences of learning, teaching and evaluation are registered in ‘ERA’, which makes it easily possible to prove strict implementation of government norms. Detailed students’ reports can also be made available to parents, thereby enhancing the credibility of the school/college.
‘ERA’ empowers the teachers and the school/college management to effectively implement the requisite process of teaching-learning-assessment as per the “National Education Policy 2020” and the “National Curriculum Framework 2005”.

‘ERA’ is an entirely online system and the facility of internet is essential to use it. Without the internet, ERA would be intermittently interrupted.