Comprehensive Learning Management System

  • Developed by pioneers in eLearning!
  • Enhanced by practitioners over last 20 years!
  • Used by over 1.5 crore learners!
Junior Colleges, Colleges, Polytechnics
Skill Development Centers
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About ERA

About ERA

MKCL's ERA is a comprehensive, state-of-the art Learning Management System for Schools, Junior Colleges, Colleges, Polytechnics, ITIs and Skill Development Centers.

It offers a wide range of Teaching-Learning-Assessment functionalities and features to empower Teachers, Students, Institute Administrators and Managers.

ERA is preferred by the thousands of Teachers as it empowers them to design and offer best learning and assessment experience for the students!

ERA is liked by millions of students as it gives them an enjoyable learning experience!

ERA is recommended by the Administrators as it enables them to offer high quality educational service to students with profound data management!


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